Protect your loved ones from telephone scams.

Last year, scammers stole $95 million* from vulnerable Canadians. Telgard prevents phone fraud by barring robocalls, telemarketers, and scammers from making contact. Yes—it works on landlines!

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* Estimate from 2017, as reported by Global News

Telgard’s blocking technology stops phone scammers in their tracks

Known scam callers are blocked on sight

Our extensive (and always updating) list of unwanted callers allows us to immediately bar these known scammers from making contact with you.

New callers are asked for information

Unknown callers provide their name and phone number, allowing you to determine whether you want to approve them for future contact.

Approved numbers call through directly

Once you approve them, your friends, family, and other safe parties can call through to your phone directly—just like they always have.

Watch the video, and see for yourself how it works:

Telgard blocks unwanted calls from scammers, robocallers, and telemarketers. (Yes—it works on landlines!)

Available for landlines on services including:

What Telgard users are saying:

Well… actually, they aren’t saying much of anything yet—because we just launched the service. Once a few folks have given us feedback, though, we’ll add what they say to this spot.


Get piece of mind.

Telephone scammers represent a significant threat. 10 minutes of preparedness—now—could save you, or someone you love, from unwanted anxiety and risk.

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