Need a hand?

We’re happy to talk, and eager to help—if and when you need us.

Who we are

Telgard is a little product, built by Eric Shelkie and Eric Karjaluoto from smashLAB. We created it to help our families—and realized it might be useful to people like you. We operate Telgard from our respective homes, in Vancouver, Canada.

Reach us by email

Feel free to contact us by email. We typically respond within moments. That said, we do have families and are sometimes away from our computers (or sleeping).

Give us a ring

If you’d prefer to speak with us, directly, you can call us at smashLAB (our studio). Our number is: 604-683-2250.

Or, if you’d prefer something other:

You can also ask us questions—and find other information—through one of our social channels:

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