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Telgard gives you the protection you need, and the features you want.

We designed Telgard’s features to meet your phone protection needs.

For most users, Telgard is a “set it and forget it” service. However, those who want more control can view call logs, customize messages, and make other refinements.

Basic Telgard features

Every customer gains access to essential call protection features, when they sign up for service with Telgard.

24/7 landline protection

Telgard never rests. It monitors every single incoming call you receive.

Robocall Blocking

Telgard monitors your incoming calls at all hours—blocking scammers and robocallers.

Call-captcha Screening

Your host asks callers to identify themselves before they’re approved.

Intuitive user interface

We designed Telgard to be easy for you to navigate, understand, and customize.

Advanced Telgard features

Looking for a little more control? You’ll find additional features in our premium plans (Better and Super).

Remove Telgard reference

Your virtual assistant mentions Telgard when it screens calls. Not a fan? No problem! Upgrade and you can remove this mention.

Message Personalization

Wish you could specify exactly what your virtual assistant says? Premium plans allow you to add and edit your own messages.

Voice Select

Prefer another virtual assistant? Just go into your Telgard Settings and choose the voice you prefer. There are several to choose from.

Incoming Call History

Concerned about past calls, or a loved one’s incoming calls? Premium plans provide a call history for your review.

Screener Assignment

Dislike screening your own calls? With Screener Assignment, you can invite someone you trust to screen calls for you.

Call Recording + Archiving

Fearful of phone scammers? Those who want added protection/screening can set Telgard to record and archive all of their phone calls.

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