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Installing a phone guard system offers you protection against fraud.

Learn how to get protection from phone scams—with Telgard.

Ever wonder whether you should answer the phone—knowing it’s probably a robocall? This can be a thing of the past. Eligible phones can have call protection in place in just 5 – 10 minutes.

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Signing up for Telgard is a quick, step-by-step process. Tell us your phone number and provider. If you’re eligible for support1 (some aren’t), we’ll create your account. Choose your plan and payment method. We’ll help you set up screening, make a test call, and add some callers to your safelist.

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1. Telgard use is currently limited to select landlines, based on the provider’s technology.

Known scam callers are blocked on sight

Once you install Telgard, it starts pre-screening for you. Every incoming call will ring once at your home, and then get picked-up by Telgard. (Don’t pick up your phone, unless it rings twice or more.) We check each number against a list of known scammers. If it’s a bad caller, we cut the call. This will put an end to most of the unwanted calls you receive.

New callers are asked to identify themselves

Unknown callers that pass pre-screening are directed to a virtual attendant. They’re asked to provide their name—and note why they’re calling. (We refer to this as “call-captcha”.) This information is sent to you—or someone you designate—for review. This helps block unwanted callers that managed to sneak through.

Approved numbers call through directly

Callers you approve are instantly added to your safelist. This allows friends, family, and other safe parties (e.g., medical professionals) to call you directly—just like they always have. You can edit your safelist and blocklist at any time by signing in to Telgard. You can also edit your preferences to customize Telgard to your liking.

Get protection.

Telephone scammers represent a significant threat. 10 minutes of preparedness—now—could save you, or someone you love, from unwanted anxiety and risk.

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