February 23, 2019

How to stop robocalls and unwanted calls on Shaw phones

If a ringing phone makes you cringe, you’re not alone. Robocalls and scam calls are at an all time high, and show no signs of slowing down.

Sure, the CRTC is implementing legislation to try to address the problem. That said, these steps will take time to implement. In the meanwhile, Canadians continue to get scammed, losing their hard-earned dollars to criminals.

And even if you don’t get scammed, you face an ongoing nuisance. There’s an endless parade of unwanted calls that interrupt you, day in and day out.

Shaw customers can block unwanted calls

In the meanwhile, we’re excited to offer sweet relief to Shaw Communications customers. They’re the very first to get access to our new tool, which can put an end to most unwanted calls.

We’re based out of Vancouver, and have built an app that prevents phone fraud by barring robocalls, telemarketers, and scammers from making contact. Most importantly, it works on landlines. This makes it particularly handy for aging parents who don’t want to part with their old (wired) phone.

Why is Telgard call blocking and screening available to Shaw customers first?

Call blocking and screening is tricky—especially on landlines. With smartphones, you can install a dedicated app to monitor your incoming calls. This isn’t possible on a landline, so, other measures need to be taken.

Telgard uses a feature called Simultaneous Ring to make call screening possible. With it, your incoming calls also ring at Telgard. This allows our software to intercept the call, and check it against a list of known scammers. If it’s a bad caller, we block the call. If it seems legit, we run it through a screening process.

So, it all comes down to the technology. Shaw offers Simultaneous Ring to its customers—and that’s a good thing! It gives Shaw customers access to Telgard and the protection it offers.

How do I set up call screening on my Shaw phone?

Setting up Telgard to block robocalls, and screen others, is pretty simple. Just visit the Telgard site and click Get protection. Doing so will start the set-up process.

During this onboarding process, you’ll be asked for your phone number, email address, and so on. You’ll also be able to choose a plan based on your preferences. Once you have, we’ll give you a virtual number. Copy this phone number and sign in to My Shaw.

From there, click on Manage Phone, and scroll down to Manage Settings. Look for the gear next to Call Forwarding and click the Edit button. Then select Change Simultaneous Ring in the Call Forwarding panel. Then add your Telgard virtual number under your list of Simultaneous Ring numbers.

How much control do I have over Telgard call screening—and the calls that come to my Shaw phone?

Once you’ve set up Telgard, you can access your customized admin panel. From there, you can add/edit callers to your Safelist of approved callers—or manage your Blocklist of unwanted callers. On select plans, you can also view your call history, and see who’s called you, and what happened to their call (i.e.: approved, let through, bounced, blocked).

For those who want more control, you can also edit what callers hear, when they call you. You can change the voice of the host who answers your calls. Additionally, you can assign screening of your calls to someone you trust.

My friends would love this. Can they get it on their Telus, Bell, or Rogers phones?

Unfortunately, no. We’re still waiting for these providers to add Simultaneous Ring. Until they do, there’s no way for us to offer protection to customers of these telecoms. 

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